An Unfamiliar Topic: Where To Buy Biker Rings?

An Unfamiliar Topic: Where To Buy Biker Rings?

It’s been so long since my last article here. How have you guys been?

I’ve been busy with my family a lot for the past year: we moved to a new place because of my husband job and my daughter was preparing for college at the same time.

It was definitely one of the busiest time of my life to this day.

But at the end of the day, my husband got promoted and my son got into college so I’m so happy now!

Anyway, enough with the rants, you might be asking: “Rhonda, are you going to talk about biker rings in this blog post?”.

The answer is yes.

Even though it’s definitely a strange one but recently there was an incident recently that makes me want to write about this.

Truthfully, I was a rebel at heart. I was in a biker gang until I had my daughter at the age of 33.

It’s a surprise, I know. But that was my passion for quite a long time. Eventually I have to gave it up. I don’t want my daughter to grow up with a “biker mom”. It was definitely a fun experience for me, but I got into so much trouble with it that I don’t want my daughter to go through the same thing.

But recently, after we moved to our new place, I met a biker couple in the neighborhood. They own a biker jewelry store and I was hooked immediately. They got some of the most unique biker rings for sale that I’ve ever seen. They were even gave me 2 rings as a gift for me as well.

They’re really cool to hang out with. We talked a lot about their rides which is a Harley Davidson 2015 Sportster Iron 883 and a 2011 FXS (they look awesome by the way).

Now I’m even happier because I know that I have company in my new neighborhood. I will definitely ask to come one a trip with them when I have the time!

Oh, if you are interested in biker rings then check out the video that the couple have put up below!

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