More Tips On How To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

More Tips On How To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

I received a lot of emails and comments after I published the article that I wrote about my personal tips when it comes to choosing the best portable ice maker. And thank you all for writing back to me, I appreciate it a lot. And because you guys are all asking me for more good tips so I think that it’s a reasonable choice to write this article for you guys, the readers of my new blog.

Just in case you guys don’t remember the tips that I mentioned in my last article, I will talk about them a little bit here. Those are: easy to setup and easy to maintain and operate. They’re pretty straightforward to talk about. Like every home appliance, there is no best under counter ice maker that is too hard for you to use because you’re going to ruin them in no time.

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Now it’s time for more real tips on how to choose the best portable ice maker for you:

1. How much ice can it produce and make at a time?

This is probably the most important factor that you must consider if you’re going to buy a portable ice maker. An average portable ice maker can produce around 26 to 35 lbs of ice in a day. But because they’re “portable” so they don’t have the space to store everything inside, normally it should be able to keep 2 to 3 lbs of ice inside. So if you want an ice maker for your family to use everyday then everything is pretty fine, but if you want to use it when you go camping or partying outside, then you have to buy something that is bigger and can produce ice at a faster rate.

2. What kind of ice do you need?

Portable ice maker is an interesting piece of appliance. It has the ability to produce different kinds of ices with different shapes and quality. Some make normal ice, some make ice with shape and some of the best portable ice makers can even make high quality 5 stars restaurant ice that serve different occasions.

Still can’t find the best solution for you? Then check out the list of best ice makers you can buy or read this updated portable ice maker reviews right now!

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