What Is A Portable Ice Maker and Why You Should Buy One Today!

What Is A Portable Ice Maker and Why You Should Buy One Today!

Ice makers are machines that would make ice for you when you pour the water into them, simple as that. For house parties or small family gatherings, this device is the perfect solution to all your “ice” problems. They are easy to move and take a really small place in your kitchen, that’s why their name is under-counter ice maker.

All you need to do is put some water in the ice maker and within few minutes, you will have your ice ready to use. However, these devices do not act like freezers, once the ice is made the water from the melted ice trickles down back into the reservoir and it starts the process of freezing it all over again.

If you want to have the freezing effect on the ice then you need an entirely different device but even that device has its own pros and cons, so choose a device according to your needs and comfort. You can purchase ice makers that keep the content frozen for long periods of time but such ice makers would come with a higher price tag.

Why buy a portable ice maker?

best portable ice maker

When you are running out of ice in a party or any other event, this machine will be “the savior” of your life. The portable ice maker is worth your money if have the constant need of buying bags of ice.

The ice makers can also be used in offices where you might need some ice during the breaks and the obvious place to use it is at homes where you can even have them combined with your fridge. They come in handy during parties when you might need a lot of ice.

Factors that you should consider before buying a portable ice maker

There are a few factors which one should consider while buying an ice maker and they are: size and capacity, production capacity and speed, cost, ease of use, durability and efficient usage of water.

How To Fix An Ice Maker If The Ice Tastes Bad

How To Fix An Ice Maker If The Ice Tastes Bad

So after a few articles on how to pick the perfect portable ice maker for you, this time, I want to write about something more specific. Something that every portable ice maker user will need to know.

That’s the reason why I want to start a whole new series in which you can learn more about ice makers and how to use them to its full potential.

So, let me introduce you to the very basic steps when it comes to fixing your ice maker when it’s not working as intended.

Just like the title suggested, this article will teach you the basic on how to fix your ice maker when the ice tastes bad.

To be honest with you, this is one of the most annoying problems that everybody has to face if they own a portable ice maker. No one wants their drinks to tastes bad just because of the ice.


So if you’re having that problem then it’s time to learn how to fix it. You can find the basic steps that you can follow to fix it below. Hope it helps you.

1. The first thing you should do is wash the ice bin carefully, let it dried then put it back.

2. If that doesn’t solve the problem then you should clean the freezer interior as well. Be carefully not to break anything inside.

3. If the problem is still there and you should flush out the supply line. This is really common and you definitely have to pay attention to it. Because if you use your ice maker a lot then the supply line might not be clean as you think.

4. If nothing works and unfortunately you might have to replace the water filter of your ice maker.

Basically, the water supply is the main cause for this problem, that’s the reason why you should keep an eye on it. When the ice tastes just a little weird then it’s time to clean everything.

On top of everything, you should minimize the risk of your ice maker not working by purchasing the best portable ice makers on the market. And by reading some under counter ice maker reviews online, you can have a better idea on which one is the best product for you. If you don’t know what to choose then you can always check out the list of the best ice makers on the market!

More Tips On How To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

More Tips On How To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

I received a lot of emails and comments after I published the article that I wrote about my personal tips when it comes to choosing the best portable ice maker. And thank you all for writing back to me, I appreciate it a lot. And because you guys are all asking me for more good tips so I think that it’s a reasonable choice to write this article for you guys, the readers of my new blog.

Just in case you guys don’t remember the tips that I mentioned in my last article, I will talk about them a little bit here. Those are: easy to setup and easy to maintain and operate. They’re pretty straightforward to talk about. Like every home appliance, there is no best under counter ice maker that is too hard for you to use because you’re going to ruin them in no time.

best portable ice maker

Now it’s time for more real tips on how to choose the best portable ice maker for you:

1. How much ice can it produce and make at a time?

This is probably the most important factor that you must consider if you’re going to buy a portable ice maker. An average portable ice maker can produce around 26 to 35 lbs of ice in a day. But because they’re “portable” so they don’t have the space to store everything inside, normally it should be able to keep 2 to 3 lbs of ice inside. So if you want an ice maker for your family to use everyday then everything is pretty fine, but if you want to use it when you go camping or partying outside, then you have to buy something that is bigger and can produce ice at a faster rate.

2. What kind of ice do you need?

Portable ice maker is an interesting piece of appliance. It has the ability to produce different kinds of ices with different shapes and quality. Some make normal ice, some make ice with shape and some of the best portable ice makers can even make high quality 5 stars restaurant ice that serve different occasions.

Still can’t find the best solution for you? Then check out the list of best ice makers you can buy or read this updated portable ice maker reviews right now!

How To Pick Good Affordable Backpack For Your Child

How To Pick Good Affordable Backpack For Your Child

Even though this article is not related to home appliances but I still want to share with you this little tip that I’ve told many people from my family and even my friend as well.

Even though it’s summertime and your child are probably enjoying their time right now. But as parents, we have to make sure that they’re well-prepared for their new semester. One of the most important things that you should pick carefully for your child is a good backpack. A good backpack will help your child carry stuffs around without worrying about anything else besides studying.

But some people said that: a good backpack must be really expensive, and they just can’t afford that. It’s the truth. I know a lot of families that are not in the best financial shape and they have to take every spending into account.

best college student laptop backpack

Don’t worry about that, below are some of my best tips when it comes to picking up a good affordable backpack that your child need:

1. Identify their needs.

Doesn’t matter if the backpack is cheap or expensive, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is: you still have to buy a backpack that fits your child needs. Are they in primary school? Then you need a small one that doesn’t have many pockets. Are they in college already? Then you should go with the best student backpack for college that has more pockets. And if your child have laptop then you have to consider buying the best backpack for laptop for proper protection as well.

2. Choose from well-known brands.

A really popular myth when it comes to products from well-known brands is that they must cost a lot. Probably because of the fashion industry and all the high-end products. But backpacks are different, you can find a lot of high quality affordable backpacks from popular brands such as Jansport and High Sierra without any problem.

3. Pick the one that your child love.

Last thing, you don’t want your child to go to school everyday with a backpack that they simply don’t like. So if you don’t know what they like, just ask them about it and let them choose themselves.

Tips To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

Tips To Choose The Best Portable Ice Maker

When it comes to ice maker in general, many people decide to buy a portable one. The reason for that is really simple: portable ice makers are more convenient compares to the other ice makers. The good thing about them is that you can pretty much use them anywhere that has electricity. They’re usually really small and easy to carry with so you will find a lot of people who bring a portable ice maker with them on their summer trip.

Yes, they’re really convenient and useful. But do you know how to pick the best ice maker that is suitable for you and your needs? If you don’t know how to do that task then you’re reading the right article. Today I will give you some of my personal tips when it comes to choosing portable ice maker:

1. Easy to setup.

The first thing that you can easily see when you’re still in the choosing phase is: is it easy to setup? You don’t want to waste a whole day just to setup the machine when you bring it back home. The best scenario is: you only need to plug the ice maker in, put some water in the right place, put a button and it starts making ice for you.

2. Easy to maintain and operate.

The second thing you have to keep in mind is: is it easy to maintain and operate? Just like any home appliance out there, the ice maker that you’re going to buy have to be easy to maintain and easy for you to use. A good portable ice maker requires minimum maintenance to function properly. And it should only has a few buttons/options for you to choose from so you don’t get stuck while trying to make some ice.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20

Zojirushi BB-CEC20

Without a doubt, many are thinking about purchasing a Zojirushi BB-CEC20 bread maker, otherwise called the Home Bakery Supreme. As to be expected though, the top-tier baking solution’s 230-dollar price tag would make some individuals hesitate as to whether they should really invest in such an expensive piece of bread-making equipment. Well, learning whether such culinary technology is worthy of a purchase is as easy as reading on.

Zojirushi-BB-CEC20-Home-Bakery-Supreme-LCD-Control-Panel-276x300Zojirushi BB-CEC20 – Features And Benefits

It would be difficult not be impressed with the sheer adjustability of the Zojirushi BB-CEC20. To explain, the machine boasts a touch panel menu that does not merely come with the usual basic and quick settings. Indeed, just with a press of a button, one would be able to make cakes and jams. Furthermore, the bread maker also has a crust-control setting, which eliminates the complexity of waiting for the right moment to remove the loaf from the machine just for the sake of enjoying ideal crust color and crispness.

Quiet Operation

Aside from having impressive control features, the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 also shines in terms of quietness. Simply put, regardless of the phase in the baking process, the Home Bakery Supreme barely makes a sound. Of course, some people might think that bread machines would not be capable of generating loud noises, especially since such pieces of equipment merely have a few blades and a heating component. In truth, automatic baking solutions have all sorts of bearings and minute moving parts that have the potential to make loud noises.

At this point, some individuals might have a certain question in mind: would clean-up be a problem? The answer to such a query is definitely no. After all, the machine’s main component that comes into direct contact with the bread has a convenient slide-out feature, which in turn means that cleaning the entire culinary apparatus would be as easy as removing and washing its tray after baking. Moreover, since the tray is non-stick, there are instances in which washing would not even be necessary.

zojirushi-bb-cec20-black-home-bakery-supreme-2-pound-loaf-breadmaker-de31dd4987e8266ee4f2df72f69c8eb8Good Capacity

While discussing the pros of the product, it would certainly be crucial to highlight matters regarding capacity. Those who rely on budget-oriented baking solutions would probably agree that such machines often do not have the right size to properly handle the bread-rising process. In the case of the Zojirushi BB-CEC20, such an issue would never emerge. After all, the machine’s 2-pound capacity essentially means that not only would there be room for more bread, but there would also be greater rising flexibility.


As to be expected however, no matter how impressive the Home Bakery Supreme is, it still has a few flaws. For one, such baking equipment exhibits paddle-related issues at times.

To explain, there are instances in which the paddle would come off during the mixing process. It should be emphasized though, that such a problem seems to be a classic design limitation among bread machines. Nevertheless, it would be safe to say that the Zojirushi BB-CEC20’s paddles are much more stable than those of the common bread maker.


Zojirushi BB CEC20 home bakeryIn addition to paddle stability woes, the top-tier culinary apparatus does suffer from crust-evenness concerns as well. This essentially means that in some cases, the bread’s bottom would be a bit tougher and darker than its top. Once again, this issue is associated with most bread makers on the market. Specifically, since the conventional design of such equipment features a bottom-positioned heating element, then it is no longer surprising why uneven crusts are an infrequent-yet-longstanding problem.

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Verdict

As made clear, the Home Bakery Supreme is truly worthy of being classified as a top-tier baking solution. To reiterate, the machine boasts an easy-to-use menu that simplifies some of the most complex tasks. As also mentioned, the piece of equipment excels in terms of quietness, clean-up ease, and capacity. Overall, despite having a few flaws associated with paddles and crusts, it is undeniable that the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 is a worthy investment for bread lovers.

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How To Find The Best In Cheap Appliances

How To Find The Best In Cheap Appliances

There are many of us that are moving out of an apartment into our first home and realize that we need to buy new appliances.  Well, if you are like me, I am not looking for the top of the line, matter of fact, I am looking for a good deal on some cheap appliances.  You know, when you live at home, or live in an apartment, it is easy to take these appliances for granted.  You don’t need to go about buying a dishwasher, or a refrigerator, they are provided for you.


Now that you are in the market, you should keep a few things in mind before you face an appliance disaster. The first thing you want to do is decide on the look you are going for.  If you have a dream kitchen in mind, you may want to see what you can do to get your dream appliances, because once you make such a big purchase, you live with that decision for years to come.  You can find top of the line while still paying the price you would for cheap appliances.

Home appliances. Set of household kitchen technics isolated on white. Fridge, gas cooker, microwave oven and washing machine. 3dChoose your color scheme and stick with it.  You don’t want to go with a black fridge and a white dishwasher, keep all your appliances in the same color family. Also, if you are going with a toaster, or a coffee maker, you want to stick with your color scheme.  If you want to make your future purchases easier, I would stick with the basic black, white or stainless steel.  If you go with a fad color, you may not find it later if you have to replace an appliance in the years ahead. Especially if you are trying to purchase high-quality cheap appliances for your place.

Next, you want to have the measurements of the appliances, there are some refrigerators that are larger than the typical space allowed.  Make sure you have the space needed for the cheap appliances you choose.

137745876_14479134921_largeShop, shop, shop; and this can all be done online.  Read the customer reviews, compare prices, and features.  Once you know what you like, base your decision on not what is the lowest figure in cheap appliances, but the best in quality of what you can afford.  The same goes for the smaller cheap appliances, don’t let $5 less be the deciding factor if the more expensive one is better quality.  You don’t want to be constantly upgrading your small appliances because you went with the cheapest model.

So, the important thing to remember is cheap appliances are not always the best deal.  You have heard the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, well, that goes for appliances, large or small.  Make a plan, a budget, and stick to it.  You will then make the best decisions without any emotional influence.

You can purchase quality cheap appliances if you do your research and don’t let emotions make your decision.